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Door financiële ondersteuning is het voor Nosi mogelijk om de 'Health Caregiver training’ te volgen.

Dear Thamsanqa NL,

I’d Iike to thank you for helping me in my course, thank you so much for making this opportunity possible. This ‘Health Caregiver training’ is going to change my life, I will now have something

on hand to carry for my future and work hard to be able to provide for my daughter and myself. It has been a very challenging time for me, to learn how to do activities online and submit before a restricted time. In this period, I have learned how to manage my time for studies and work. I also gained a lot more knowledge in using a computer, and the pressure there is on completing the tasks. The course is very educational and I enjoy learning every new knowledge because I am already in the field. So some of the things I did not know about them, now I learn about them. I want to say ‘a very big special thank you’ that you have stepped in. You make sure in many ways to help Louise and Ouma Tia to fulfill our dreams. They make sure that we do and choose what is the best for our future. They have been there for me and supporting me so also a special thank you to them.

I am very grateful for what you have done in the Netherlands for me, it really means a lot.

After completing this course I will have a stable career.

Thank you so much, Nosiphiwe Cynthia Gase

23 weergaven


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